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We offer branded genuine parts. We also source the aftermarket parts based on the request of customers.

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Right choice of ground engaging tools will have a direct impact on productivity and uptime

Selecting the right Ground Engaging Tool is crucial in reducing stress on your machine and achieving maximum return from an asset. Designed to protect the machine's buckets, blades and ripper shanks, the wide variety of product designs and sizes allows for maximum wear protection in virtually any type of environment or application. Resulting in less downtime and increased productivity.


Looking for Heavy Equipment Engine Spare Parts in UAE?

Genuine & high quality aftermarket parts at the lowest price, shipped worldwide. We work with the biggest global manufacturers of construction equipment and machinery. 24x7 support. Worldwide shipping. Industries: construction parts, mining parts, truck parts & many more....


Gaskets and seals are an essential part of any engine.

Sama Al Mamlakah products are the preferred after-market alternative to the original equipment manufacturer. As a premier provider of sealing systems for heavy equipment, 

Our products are designed and manufactured for the critical and demanding hydraulic cylinder, transmission, and diesel engine applications found in heavy equipment.


The widest range of filters for heavy duty and construction equipment.

We have air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, hydraulic filters, water separators, etc. available for the main heavy duty equipment brands in the market.


Undercarriage is the section of a vehicle that is underneath the main cabin of the vehicle.

Undercarriage parts and components work as a system to move the machine in any type of terrain. High quality undercarriage parts to keep your heavy machinery running productively without delay. Undercarriage parts can account for a large amount of the repair investment you make over the life of the machine. For this reason, we offers the highest quality undercarriage replacement parts, while giving customers the ability to obtain significant savings to reduce repairs cost on their machine.


Vital Components of Heavy Equipments

The various components and parts that come together to construct the entire machinery. It goes without saying, that to maintain the proper health of the machine 


Power Train 

Power train components must hold up high impact loads and frequent changes of direction and movement. 

We constantly improve our techniques to ensure our clients receive quality products with the best technology 

at a competitive edge in a price sensitive market. Our goal is to provide high quality Power train parts 

that are durable and maximize the productivity of your machine.


Rebuilding Engines & Transmissions

Power transmission is a process to transmit motion from one shaft to another by using some connection between them like belt, rope, chain, and gears. To connect the shafts, mainly two types of connectors are used, one is flexible and other is rigid. In flexible types of connection, there is relative velocity between shaft and connectors due to slip and strain produced in the connectors. But in case of rigid connection, there is no relative velocity between the connector and shaft.

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